What you will do

On this page you’ll find a useful outline of the role of a disability assessor and see the difference you can make to your life and the service we provide, when you make a change and join us at Independent Assessment Services.

You’ll also get a sense of who we’re looking for, and why the right health professionals are essential to our work in assessing claimants fairly and accurately.

The Role

Working for Independent Assessment Services, you’ll be responsible for assessing the cases of people with health conditions and disabilities who have made a claim for PIP or benefits in Northern Ireland.

You’ll do things like:

  • Carry out face-to-face consultations within a claimant's home or in a Consultation Centre
  • Use your clinical expertise to analyse a claimant's information and write an accurate detailed report that is sent on to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Northern Ireland Department for Communities (NIDfC), so they can make a decision on whether a claimant is eligible for the benefit
  • Liaise with medical teams involved with a person's care when necessary, for example GPs, community psychiatric nurses, specialist nurses, or social care teams
  • Work to certain standards set by DWP and NIDfC

Ultimately your job is to complete a fair, accurate and concise report having carried out your assessment of a claimant's case. By doing this, and treating everyone with professionalism and respect, you can make a real difference to each claimant's experience during this process.

The difference you can make

As a health professional taking a role at Independent Assessment Services, you’ll make a difference to your own life, but more importantly you’ll use your clinical expertise in a new, objective way.

The skills and experience you’ve gathered are vital in always providing accurate, fair and impartial assessments, and making the process clearer and easier for claimants.

You’ll be providing the highest quality information to claimants, and about claimants. And by sharing your expertise with those around you, you can help us improve the way we work.

Who we are looking for?

Independent Assessment Services is looking for existing health practitioners who want a rewarding job, a chance to make a difference, and an opportunity to broaden their skills and their career prospects.

You might be a nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or paramedic (excluding Northern Ireland). You can have a background in either the public sector or private sector, our only request is that you’ve worked in the healthcare industry for a minimum of two years, and have broad ranging experience. 

The work is challenging, but also rewarding. If you’re at the start of your career, or just looking to make a change, and you’re open-minded about how you move forward and how you use your expertise, we want to hear from you.