What to expect

What to expect when you work with us

Great clinical support

People depend on us to be accurate and fair. There's always people on hand if you have any queries and all our Health Professionals are assigned a dedicated Clinical Support Lead (CSL). 

You will always be learning

Keeping up your qualifications is both expected and encouraged. You get the opportunity to develop with detailed clinical training and your professional fees are reimbursed by Independent Assessment Services.

You will be saying goodbye to your old colleagues, but the team spirit here is just as great

We acknowledge that this is a different environment for you so we put in extra effort to make sure you settle in. Everyone - no matter what they do - is coming from the same place, working as a team and all helping one another be at our best. We all get a real buzz from constantly improving and reaching our day-to-day and professional goals.

It’s an environment of excellence 

Independent Assessment Services has a vision: To deliver assessments to consistently high quality standards. 

You will be challenged, but it’s rewarding

It’s key that you maintain your focus, make sure you look at all the information in hand, and ask all the questions you need to in order to create a high quality, accurate report. As you get used to the systems it becomes easier and the processes that are in place really help you with your job. It may take some time to get your head around everything, but there’s always someone on hand to help and support you.

You can balance your work and your home life!

You get weekends off and enjoy an office hours style of working, while still using your Health Professional skills. You can make weekend and evening plans without having them side-lined by work.